Thursday, February 18, 2010

I need a charge!

When I go out on long bus rides to get to and get back from somewhere, I make sure I have plenty of musical entertainment on me. No use sitting there listening to other people's boring converstaions or screaming kids for longer than I really need to.

In this day of digital thingamajigs to play music on, I still use a Walkman. I have had a half-dozen Discman-type players over the years, but they've all fallen apart somehow, or just plain died out on me...and I took care of them the best way I could, ya know? The headphone jack has gone faulty on me, or the player skips and stutters like no tomorrow (and this is one of those non-skip models!), the homemade CD's just won't play, or something holding the door closed has broken off, and now I have to put a big rubberband around it to hold it shut so it can play.

You know something? The Walkman has never failed me, always works, and as long as I have plenty of battery power, it'll do just fine. Especially the batteries. You can always tell when you're starting to run low, because the pitch of the tape speed starts to drop.

When you're listening to a Yes cassette on a Walkman, and all of a sudden, Jon Anderson's voice begins to sound remarkably like that of Isaac Hayes, it is time to put in some new batteries!

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