Monday, May 9, 2011

Hudson & Pickett: "The Hollyweird Squares" (1976)

This was the sole album of Bob Hudson teaming up with Bobby "Boris" Pickett (of "Monster Mash" fame). Sounded like an interesting pairing, but to be honest, this album is astoundingly unfunny, although the audience seems to be in hysterics the whole time. Everything about this album looks and sounds very outdated, to the cover graphics layout, to the material, and overall presentation. The sound quality (on the original vinyl) is made even worse by re-channeling, or "fake stereo". This was re-released as a twofer CD with Landry & Biener's Comedy Album, which I got in September 2007, though I had the original vinyl back in October 2004.

The album veers between comedy routines and strange song parodies. The most interesting is "Sky High Market", a parody set to "Frere Jacques", with an average Joe asking the prices of groceries with a harried-sounding female store manager over the phone. The guys (especially Hudson) can't stop cracking up while it's going on. There are two parts to this, at the end of each album side.

"They're Going To Let Me Stay" is a bad ripoff of "They're Coming To Take Me Away, Ha-Haa!"; "Pass The Jack Daniels", a really bad country-western ballad on the gee-tar by Pickett, and a weird parody of Jimmy Dean's "Big Bad John", sung by none other than Bruiser LaRue himself. These were not really these guys' territory, and the remaining comedy bits are almost unlistenable, even though the audience seems to be having a good time.

More info on the album (and audio clips) can be seen

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