Monday, May 9, 2011

Landry & Biener: "Comedy Album" (1989)

Got this one in September 2007 as a twofer CD with The Hollyweird Squares preceding it. This was Ron Landry's last comedy release, with fellow comedy writer Tom Biener. It came out in 1989 on the Universal label, but I have never seen it anywhere, on either vinyl or cassette. Despite the cheesy packaging and fantastically unimaginative title, this is actually a very funny album, with some memorable bits to be found.

"Snits" kicks it off, with Landry as a news reporter interviewer questioning a scientist who's discovered a bizarre guacamole-green life-form that cannot be burned, frozen, killed or eaten. "Bus Stop" is a great bit, with two guys waiting for the bus, bemoaning the troubles they're going through at home. "Smoking" is the bit on the album that's well worth buying it for; seems there's a guy on a nonstop flight who won't put his cigarette out, while the steward is trying to get him to put it out, and suggests another activity that takes his mind off smoking and "keeps your hands busy". "Pledge Break" is a very funny parody of those interminably long breaks we have to tolerate while watching an evening program on the local PBS channel; the "History Of Rock & Roll" program they're trying to show in the meantime is hilarious. "Smitty's" concerns a guy poking into his old watering hole in the old neighborhood and catching up on what the old gang has been up to. "Donovan" is a late-night interview show, featuring a TV evangelist who's in the hot seat regarding the money that goes to his ministry, and of him being spied going to seedy motels in the wee hours. All he can say is, "The Lord works in mysterious ways!".

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There was a cassette release, I owned it for years until a car break-in lost all my comedy tapes.