Friday, April 12, 2013

White House Ball

In early 1979, we moved across town to 2134 South L Street, which was painted white at the time. Two things happened. First, I was getting a little older, my brain was expanding, and I was taking in a lot of things within the space of just a little over a year that we lived there. I had a pretty heavy crash course of a musical education, and a lot of it still resides within me to this day. Second, I was picking up on the concept of time; I began to notice that Dad had two days off per week, and we almost always had fun on them...even more so in the mornings when Angie was at school, and it was sometimes just the two of us. The stereo would be on, and there would be something new playing. And not just music, he would also play comedy bits by various funny-guys, and although a lot of it went over my head, the audience sounded as if they were having fun! On days that he was at work, I braved venturing into the album collection, pulling certain ones out, and just being mesmerized by the artwork on the covers. I think I helped myself learning how to read and learning which colors were which. Some of the things I heard here resonated a little deeper in the next place we lived in, but this was house was a major starting point for them, so some of the bands' work here can sometimes overlap between them.

This is also when I noticed a rather wide split between my parents when it came to their respective musical tastes. Dad was primarily into Rock, and also into a little of everything else along the way, but mom was more into '60s AM pop singers, and Country from the same era. So I also heard a lot of stuff that I didn't particularly care for, but things have to be heard before you can figure out whether you like it or not.

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