Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Charlie Daniels Band

Although Dad was never really into country music, this was about the closest he ever got. During the summer of 1980, I heard Million Mile Reflections quite a lot, and it was an excellent album, with a lot of interesting variety of styles on it. It wasn't straight country, but also had elements of rock, jazz and blues happening. Of course, there would always be "The Devil Went Down To Georgia", but I also liked "Passing Lane", "Blue Star" and "Blind Man". Full Moon came out around that same time, so I heard "The Legend Of The Wooley Swamp", which also became a favorite. "In America" became a favorite of mom's, as it tied in with her sense of values rather well. I remember she memorized the lyrics and would sing the whole thing along with it, especially after she'd had a few, which was becoming increasingly common.

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