Saturday, April 19, 2014

New sounds, new formats!

This was around the time that the old Zenith Allegro stereo system was retired to the back bedroom and succeeded by a whole new stereo system that Dad bought at the old Sears store downtown on one his days off. I got to go with him there, check out the albums section, and then ride home in a taxi with him as he had a number of big cardboard boxes with him containing something interesting.
It was an LXI receiver with two speakers. I don't remember when he got the new turntable, but I do remember when he got this new contraption called a cassette deck, with these strange little cartridges that had two holes in them that played when you loaded them into the player. And this is what I first remember hearing on this new format...
Dad still had the collection of 8-Tracks, but they were also relegated to the back room, so in order to hear those, we had to go into the back bedroom, which was not terribly often.
Dad also would tape-record things onto cassette, mostly with a microphone placed near the speaker of the TV set; it was kind of funny if he were recording a comedy show off of Showtime or something, as he would also pick up the laughter of himself, mom, Red Fred and whoever else was there, which made it more funnier, whenever I got to hear the recordings. Although I wouldn't get familiar with this format until a couple of years down the line, this is where I first saw and heard them.

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