Monday, April 21, 2014

Creedence Clearwater Revival

This was one that I heard in its entirety one afternoon when it was just mom and myself at the house. Not only was it not yet another K-Tel conglomeration of dross, but something amazingly good, and one that I immediately took to right away. Just some straight-ahead rock tinged with country and swampy bayou influences, with one killer cut after another. Greil Marcus' liner notes on the inside sum it up perfectly: Because of the total absence of gimmicks, posing, and prettifying, their records stand up better today far better than almost anything else made at the time. Of course, "Lookin' Out My Back Door" is going to hook in any four-year-old, and I was no exception. To this day, when I hear this album, or any songs that are on it, I fondly remember that sunny afternoon, with the snow melting outside, and the only things in the world that mattered to me were my family, our dog, our cats, our house, our friends, and the great times we were having.

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