Monday, March 18, 2013

The Who (i)

Dad pulled this one out in the early winter of 1978, and played "Boris The Spider". I liked it. The funny connection was, there was an orb-weaver spider hanging in its web, outside the window; we sort of adopted it as a pet and named it Boris, after the song. Following that was "Magic Bus"; since we rode the city bus to get places, I connected with this one as well. I liked the cover, especially the guy in the tie-dyed clothes, pinching a cigarette between his fingers, cracking a joke and making the other guys crack up. A little over a year later, when we had cable TV, one of the channels was showing the movie version of Tommy; some of it went over my head then, but I liked the music to it; going to the original album some years down the road, I enjoyed it even more, and even trained myself how to sing by singing along to it. I'd seen the movie enough times that I knew all the words. Their music had a lot of impact on me well into my 20's, as I became a born-again fan after not hearing them for quite some time, and was soon getting my hands on anything by them that I could, bootlegs included. And now Tommy is one of Geoffrey's favorites, and one of his most-requested CD's when it's time for bed. Sometimes he'll even sing "Sensation" or "Tommy, Can You Hear Me?" for fun. I think the torch is being passed on quite well with these guys!

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