Saturday, May 18, 2013

Alice Cooper

Halloween of 1979. I remember going out trick-or-treating with Angie and some friends on the block, and we came home for a bit to check in, and to take a break for a little bit before going back out again to score some more candy. Dad, meanwhile, was playing something on the stereo by someone or something called Alice Cooper. I didn't see any type of female figure on any of the covers, but a guy with strange black blotches on his eyes. Dad pulled one out with an intriguing cover that looked like a big, green snakeskin wallet, and played a song about eating too much Halloween candy and having to go to the dentist as a result. All of a sudden, this got really interesting. I took a liking to it. In fact, I don't think I rejoined the others in collecting anymore sugary items...I wanted to hear some more Alice Cooper! Bob Ezrin tells the story about mishearing the song "I'm Eighteen" as "I'm Edgy"...for me, it was the song "Elected"; I thought Alice was saying, "I wanna be electric!". Sounded alright to me, if the music was any indication! I remember this one being played a lot around the house for a while afterwards...actually, my three favorites were this one, Elton John and the Beatles. Some thrilling rock-and-roll with great lyrics...what else could you ask for? In fact, I had gotten so into it, that for some reason, I found some of mom's mascara or something in the bathroom, poured in into my hands, and blotched it around my eyes. I ran into the living room to show everyone what I had done, and while Angie my Dad were in total hysterics, mom had frog-marched me right back in the bathroom, thrust my head into the sink under the cold running water, and began scrubbing my face, shouting something about what kind of lunatic I was.

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