Monday, May 13, 2013

Black Oak Arkansas

Dad was really into these guys back in the ' fact, I think I heard them around the house more than I heard Led Zeppelin. This was my first hearing of them, particularly "When Electricity Came To Arkansas". I thought it was pretty cool how it started off, with lead singer Jim "Dandy" Mangrum scrubbing away on an old washboard with thimbles on his fingers. For the longest time, I thought of the washboard as a musical instrument before I found out what it was actually used for! The back cover, though, was a little on the hideous side...yikes! Apparently, this was the first concert I was ever at, when they went to see them in Seattle, sometime in mid-1975. My mom was still pregnant with me, so maybe the sound-vibrations resounded with me. Peter Frampton and Montrose were the openers. When Black Oak Arkansas came on, it was so loud that the crowd actually moved back a bit! And in all the years afterwards, Dad said that that was the loudest concert he'd ever been to. He also had a cool yellow T-shirt with the logo from the X-Rated album, which he'd found in the basement laundry room back at the Blue House, but it got ripped off of him during a tiff with my mom, or so he told me.

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