Friday, May 17, 2013

Steve Miller Band

If anything, I think that this was the first music I remember hearing, all the way back to the Blue House, and maybe even before that. I remember being lulled to sleep with "Fly Like An Eagle" more than a few times, but enjoyed the stuttery Hammond organ breaks going on during the song. As I began exploring through the vinyl collection, I remember seeing some of his earlier works, clad in some pretty lysergically-colored album covers with titles such as Children Of The Future and Brave New World, and being knocked out by them. Oddly enough, I didn't hear these until much later, as Fly Like An Eagle and Book Of Dreams were still spun with regularity around the house. These had their moments, but as time went on, I grew an intense admiration for the earlier stuff, which still stands to this day; believe me, I could never warm up to "Abracadabra". Years later, Dad and I saw the Steve Miller Band at the UPS Fieldhouse in 1997, which was great fun. When they did "Rock 'N Me", and whenever they mentioned Tacoma during the song, the place all but erupted in a full-scale riot. What a night!

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