Thursday, May 2, 2013

Pink Floyd (i)

The radio was playing one afternoon, something that was getting a little more frequent. I had just finished my lunch, and I heard it: a jumble of cash-register noises going along to a slightly unusual tempo, followed by a guy singing what I heard to be "Get a good chocolate, more pay, and you're okay!". Regardless, I was excited about this song, and it would be a little while before I heard it again and saw for myself who it was...someone called a Pink Floyd, and something about a dark side of the moon, although there was only a couple of triangles and some rainbows on the cover. Confusion aside, I took a liking to it right away, only if I had only heard parts of it for the time being. Dad only had a few of their albums, including this one with a most bizarre cover... Completely freaked me out, it did. I didn't even want to hear it, so it got filed away so I wouldn't have to look at it. A slight jump ahead with regards to our next home: one day, Dad and I went to the Sears store downtown on 13th Street, where they had the record store. I was actually more excited about this section than the toy section. Wow, just racks and racks of albums in shiny plastic shrink-wrap. I wandered over to the "P" section and found something that looked to be new: something called The Wall. Dad seemed interested, so he got it, but we never really got around to hearing it that day, yet he started playing it once I was in bed. My bedroom was just off the living room, and I would hear sounds emanating from there all too clearly. I remember hearing the sound of what sounded like a helicopter landing in the living room, shortly followed by one of the guys singing what I swore was "No dogs or cats are in the classroom". More confusion, to be sure, but I liked what I was hearing!

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